Top 5 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players

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Now presenting the top 5 2014 Boston College football impact players — those players on the 2014 Eagles who will have the biggest say in the course of the season.

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Last week, we served you with the

bottom half

of the top ten, which included such players as Harold Landry (whom we just assume will play) and

Dan Crimmins

, amongst others.

There are many candidates remaining for the top five. Who will those players be?

Top 5 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players

5. Manny Asprilla, CB

Asprilla has established himself over his previous three years as a steady, reliable corner for the Boston College Eagles. With 34 games played already under his belt, working off of his career-best season with 68 tackles, seven tackles for a loss, and two interceptions, Asprilla might well be the de facto leader of the defensive secondary.

This is a unit that has generally been questionable, and they will need the senior Asrpilla’s leadership in their second full year under Don Brown. If he has another good year, it could improve the fortunes of the whole secondary.