Top 5 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players

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Top 5 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players

4. Andy Gallik, C

Remember when Andy Gallik was very new to Boston College and we saw the growing pains associated with him learning such a key position?

Those appear to be long gone, and Gallik, now a senior, anchors this veteran offensive line.

The rebuilding Eagles were clearly not going to have their way with USC’s dominant defensive line in the third game of last season, but otherwise, Boston College’s run blocking last season was excellent. Andre Williams deserves plenty of credit, but so does the offensive line, who made all of his runs possible.

Gallik has become a leader at his position, forming one-fifth of what again looked like a Boston College “O-Line U” quality offensive line. If Gallik (and his linemates for that matter) hold it together in 2014, the run game will work and the offense will be more successful.

Boston College needs all five of its guys up front to succeed, but Gallik in particular is helping to hold this thing together. He will be counted on for a great deal this season.