Top 10 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players, Part 1

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When we say “Top 10 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players,” do not take that to mean something it isn’t.

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For example, if we wanted to title this piece “Top 10 Best Players on the 2014 Boston College Eagles,” then we would have named it precisely that.

The aforementioned “Top 10 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players” are those ten players, amongst all those who will suit up in maroon and gold from August to November, and hopefully December or January, whom we believe will have the most significant influence on the final outcome this season.

Boston College is a team in transition, having to replace a number of departed seniors, but when it comes to warm bodies on the roster, the Eagles have plenty. Today, these are the bottom five of those top ten who will have the most say in the 2014 campaign.

Agree or disagree at your leisure.

Top 10 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players, 10-6

10. Harold Landry, DE

Landry is the only player on the list who has yet to play a down for Boston College, and there is a chance that he might not even play in 2014.

Yet, if he does, he changes the complexion of the Eagles’ defensive line and gives the coaches a fun new toy around whom they can scheme.

Harold Landry is arguably the top recruit for the 2014 incoming class. His is also a position of great need for Boston College. Many of us are eager to see what he can do, and if he gets that chance, the new noted pass rusher will help matters.