Boston College Recruiting: Football Offers Jeremy Larkin, Jayson Ademilola


Boston College recruiting news will only get bigger as we approach National Signing Day, but the Eagles are setting the table for future signing days with their offers to Jeremy Larkin and Jayson Ademilola.

Neither of these offers have to do with the 2015 football class, which is due to collectively sign in a matter of weeks. Jeremy Larkin is a class of 2016 recruit, while Jayson Ademilola is a 2018 football recruit.

Larkin recently received offers both from Boston College’s football coaches and those of Bowling Green. He will be a senior for the 2015 football season, and his best appears to be yet to come: the three-star running back recruit from La Salle High School in Cincinnati, Ohio ran for almost 2,600 yards as a junior and has more time to dominate at that level.

At least to the Division I coaches, he looks like he has potential. Boston College was the second power-conference team to offer Jeremy Larkin a scholarship; Northwestern was the first. Aside from Bowling Green, his other offers come from Ohio and Miami of Ohio, but with a little over a year to go, expect him to get many more.

Boston College planting their flag with a recruit a year ahead of schedule is nothing unusual and is in most cases a good thing. How about three years? It is certainly out of the ordinary for the Eagles to offer a high school freshman, but that is what they did with New Jersey linebacker Jayson Ademilola.

From St. Peter’s Prep in North Jersey, Ademilola must be doing something right because even though he is four college football seasons away from being able to play, he has three offers from power-conference schools: Miami, Rutgers, and now Boston College.

With his collected highlight videos, see for yourself what the coaches see in this talented young player.

Boston College Eagles
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Boston College Eagles

Jeremy Larkin is a much more immediate target, and he could add something to the running back corps of the team in the years to follow if he comes to Boston College. The Ademilola offer is quite out of character (historically, anyway) for the program, but it is a good sign as well. Steve Addazio has been a part of bigger programs that stake out recruits sometimes years in advance, and the practice has come to the Heights.

Do not lose any sleep at night wondering if Ademilola will come here: he has three more years to rack up big-name offers. Power-conference teams do not offer a freshman high school football player unless they see something big in terms of potential. The heavy-hitters will likely follow, but it is good to see the coaches putting out the effort.

Boston College football has no 2016 (or 2018) recruits yet.