Boston College Extends Football Coach Steve Addazio Through 2020 Season


Boston College Eagles football coach Steve Addazio has agreed to a contract extension through the 2020 season, the school announced and multiple media sources reported on Thursday.

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A few hours ago, on this site we posed the question as to whether or not Boston College Athletics would take it upon themselves to lock in their coach on a long-term basis, in light of the fact that his star is on the rise. The school wasted no time.

Boston College made the announcement this afternoon, with athletic director Brad Bates, who brought Steve Addazio to the Heights just over two years ago in his first major action here, heaping praise upon the coach and the overall direction of the program.

In two seasons under Addazio, the Eagles have won seven regular season games each, with a possible eighth in just over a week. Before Steve Addazio’s hire, Boston College saw an annually declining number of victories and major difficulties in recruiting local talent.

The financial terms of the agreement have yet to be released.

From a Boston College perspective, this is good news and a sign that, perhaps contrary to the “typical” Eagle way of doing things, the school has decided to stick with what is working and make a greater investment of time and financial resources, for what they hope will be more winning and a sustained period of success. Brad Bates and the administration on Thursday took a step to show that they are dedicated to letting Steve Addazio build this program the way he wants to build it.

Of course, this also makes it less likely that the coach will flee for a quote-unquote better job if one offers him a lucrative deal. Despite the fact that we do not know what the terms of the deal are monetarily, Boston College and Brad Bates have shown with this move that they are willing to be competitive in keeping better coaches on the Heights.

Some comment from the coach on that very issue:

Finally, the impact that this has on recruiting will be beneficial. Now that Boston College looks like it will see longer-term stability at the coaching position, it should reassure quality recruits that Steve Addazio and his staff will be around and that they are all committed to building a winner right here.

Congratulations are in order to Addazio for a job well done, and with this news, we hope to see more prominent victories with him at the helm in the years to come.