Still Not Buying Addazio to Michigan, But Will Boston College Pay?


The rumors of Steve Addazio to Michigan as their new head football coach seems like little more than a media creation at this point, but it brings up a separate issue of if and when the school will be writing bigger checks.

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It was widely reported yesterday that the Wolverines, so desperate to return to prominence within college football, have thrown almost 50 million reasons at San Francisco 49ers head coach to go back to his alma mater in Ann Arbor. The number is big, but this power play is not surprising.

Addazio to Michigan was never their first choice and is never going to be their first choice. It is obvious that Michigan is going for the big splash, the home run, or whatever other description one could assign that conveys “wow factor.” Steve Addazio, though he has made a nice name for himself as a coordinator and at Boston College, does not have the je ne sais quoi of a successful NFL coach, formerly a successful college coach.

Consider also that Addazio is not a “Michigan man.” That counts to someone, somewhere, and that individual may or may not be a booster. It is not a disqualifying factor, but again, we know who the maize and blue would prefer, and he is one, but has an office in Santa Clara.

This does not mean Addazio to Michigan could never happen; it would just be much further down on their list. As in, at least a few big-name coaches would have to turn them down first before they called our coach.

Here we have maintained that Steve Addazio is probably not going anywhere and that Eagles fans should not unnecessarily worry about the coach leaving prematurely. He may someday bail on us, but unless something unforeseen takes place, it is most likely not going to be now.

What is something for Boston College to consider with regards to Addazio is how hard they plan to fight to keep him. Michigan is still unlikely at this point, if they are even actually interested (or if it is a synthetic rumor propagated by the local media), but what happens if a pretty good, well-paying job comes down the line in a year or two for Steve Addazio? How will Boston College respond?

Addazio makes just shy of two million bucks a year. What happens if a quote-unquote bigger program offers him closer to three million? Is Boston College willing to make a counteroffer?

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If the school does what it normally does, instead of forking out more cash, they will give the blessing and see Addazio off as he rides into the sunset. That will then be answered by an economy-class coaching hire. Is that how they should respond in this case, though?

There is some strategy involved here. Boston College will soon have to ask themselves if they believe Addazio is worth the coin, and how much in dollar figures he is worth to the program. This is not necessarily a set of questions they have to answer now, but contingent upon the Eagles improving, it will have to be answered soon. If they let Addazio walk, why, and how will they replace him? If they lock him up long-term, is it a wise financial decision based on the direction of the program? As in all things of this nature, there is risk involved.

While Boston College fans should continue to chill out about the Addazio to Michigan fake rumblings, the time will soon come where they will have to decide about locking him up or leaving him financially available to poaching by another school. Two years into a good, not great tenure, it is too soon to say give him whatever he wants, but they may soon give him more or risk losing him entirely.