The Not-Soaring to Glory Show, December 17: Boston College 2014 In Review


Had the Soaring to Glory Show, December 17, taken place, would have wrapped up the the 2014 year in Boston College sports and prepared for the coming Pinstripe Bowl.

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Kyle Egan would have been pleased to have a break from his hard studying for final exams to discuss some Boston College sports (note: this studying may or may not involve keg stands in the Mods but we will leave it to him to confirm or deny on the air). Alas, schoolwork comes first, allegedly.

Please note that this would have been the last Soaring to Glory Show of the calendar year. Our regularly-scheduled shows on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are not happening for obvious reasons. There may be shows on January 7 and/or 14; follow us on Twitter for updates.

Since we cannot bring you an hour of radio goodness live from the WZBC studios this week, I will take this opportunity to synthesize a few possible slices of witty banter we may have said if the show took place.

Soaring to Glory Show, December 17:
Pinstripe Preview

The Pinstripe Bowl is quickly forthcoming and everybody who was going to get tickets better already have them, or they will surely be watching from their couches.

First, we find out if Kyle actually got those press credentials he coveted, and then we turn to matters of the game itself. Which team has the edge? Who will win?

Projected Kyle banter: BC wins this thing easily; I was right about the rest of the season, so don’t doubt me now. Nobody from BC ever called me back about my ZBC credentials but I’m sure I have them. Right?

My likely response: On December 27, you’ll be that creepy guy saying “Tickets? Tickets?” under his breath going up and down the Grand Concourse. See you there!

Soaring to Glory Show, December 17:
Hoops Win Streak

Boston College basketball is on a four-game win streak for the first time in a year and a half, and even though three of the teams they played are awful, it counts for something, right?

We discuss the things we like and don’t like about the 6-3 Eagles so far. Despite the fact that they still are not a great team, they are as mentioned 6-3, which is far more than could have been said for last year’s team. It’s a decent problem to have.

Projected Kyle banter: See? This is why you have to have faith in Jim Christian. We’ll be fine.

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My likely response: “Fine” probably meaning a 13 to 15-win team, but hey, it’s a lot better than last year. This team would be immeasurably worse without Dimitri Batten and Aaron Brown — they’re not all-ACC type guys, but they’re confident and add a semblance of defense that this team totally lacked under Donahue.

Soaring to Glory Show, December 17:
Hockey Hope?

Boston College men’s hockey got a big win over Michigan to close out their first half of the season. The Eagles are back in the top 15 nationally and have a chance to make one last go at Hockey East and more when the break is over.

Do the Eagles have it in them?

We’re pretty sure the women’s hockey team does, as they have yet to lose this season and are blowing the doors off of the rest of college hockey.

Projected Kyle banter: I don’t know; this is a pretty deep hole to be in.

My likely response: It’s a deep hole, but I believe in Jerry York. We might not make it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t, but I can’t count this team completely out yet.

Soaring to Glory Show, December 17:
Year In Review

Kyle and I discuss some of the best and worst moments from Boston College sports in 2014, and what kind of year we think 2015 is going to be.

Check our year-end articles for some events we might have said.

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