Ranking the 2014 ACC Bowl Games

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Nov 22, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Panthers wide receiver Tyler Boyd (23) celebrates after defeating the Syracuse Orange at Heinz Field. Pittsburgh won 30-7. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There are eleven 2014 ACC bowl games from which to choose, and as is typically the case in the blogosphere, some games are seen as more desirable than others.

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This is just as some teams are seen as more desirable than others, which is why we end up with lesser-tier bowls being saddled with the “Fun Belt” and others as the better teams are swiped by the bigger games. Not every game in which there is an ACC team is a prize, either.

Eagles fans might want to know where their game, the Pinstripe Bowl, ranks on the continuum of ACC bowls. Even if they do not, let’s edify the public with the worst-to-first rankings.

2014 ACC Bowl Games: #11
Armed Forces Bowl

Who: Houston vs. Pittsburgh
Where: Fort Worth, Texas
When: January 2

This one has to be the worst bowl game of them all because aside from one individual player, it is completely bereft of redeeming qualities.

Houston is a 7-5 AAC school up against an ACC team that barely scratched out six wins and might have been the odd-team-out in the bowl process. Luckily for them, they were not, but their good fortune is the viewing public’s woe.

The Cougars have a decent defense, given the teams they played this year, while Pittsburgh — I mean, what is Pitt? They are perhaps the most enigmatic, frustrating, and hard to figure ACC team this season. Pitt has been all over the map, and aside from stud running back James Conner, they are unremarkable like a bowl of mild oatmeal.

What we end up with is some low-quality entertainment.

Must-See Factor (out of 10): 2. Run, don’t walk from this one.

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