Week 14 ACC Football Picks, Minus Eagles


The Week 14 ACC football picks mean the last week of a full ACC slate. Pull yourselves together and read on.

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It is quite the full slate as well, with nine games taking place within the confines of this conference. Four of them have an ACC team venturing outside the conference, while the others are good old-fashioned rivalry ames. Well, except Pitt and Miami; can’t say much about that one except the Panthers have to win or bowling will bypass them.

Who wins? Who loses? Most importantly to some, who covers the spread?

Week 14 ACC Football Picks:
Virginia at Virginia Tech (PK)

Friday, 8pm ET (ESPN)

The Commonwealth Cup game is a bowl-off. Winner probably goes to, say, the Military Bowl, and the loser has a losing season and sulks into the offseason. If Virginia Tech loses, it will be their first losing season since 1992, while Virginia should consider themselves fortunate to be in this situation after hitting a major rough patch late in the year. All good things must come to an end, and let’s face it, the Hokies have played poorly at Lane Stadium. Virginia

Week 14 ACC Football Picks:
Georgia Tech at Georgia (-12)

Saturday, 12pm ET (SECN)

They call it clean, old-fashioned hate but it will probably not be clean. It will, however, feature hate. Georgia Tech could hang in there but Georgia is one of the most complete teams in the country, and the Bulldog offensive line will give the Jackets fits. Besides, Tech has bigger fish to fry and will want to come out of this one healthy. Georgia | UGA -12

Week 14 ACC Football Picks:
Kentucky at Louisville (-13.5)

Saturday, 12pm ET (ESPN2)

Kentucky has looked at times like they are making stride back to competitiveness, but they have gotten smoked in a couple road games road games, oh, and they have lost five in a row. The Wildcat defense is in full meltdown mode, having allowed at least 41 points in four of the five losses, and 50 or more twice. With the Louisville defense hitting on all cylinders, this could be quite lopsided. Louisville | UL -13.5

Week 14 ACC Football Picks:
South Carolina at Clemson (-4.5)

Saturday, 12pm ET (ESPN)

South Carolina did not have a season anywhere near the one they anticipated. Meanwhile, Clemson has been good, though not great, and their three losses have been against the only three ranked teams they have seen. The good news for Clemson? South Carolina is unranked. Clemson | Clemson -4.5

Week 14 ACC Football Picks:
Syracuse at Boston College (-11)

Saturday, 12:30pm ET (ESPN3)

For once, this pick has already been made. You should read it.

Week 14 ACC Football Picks:
NC State at North Carolina (-6.5)

Saturday, 12:30pm ET (ESPN3)

Both of these teams have definite deficiencies, but the Tar Heels have more upward potential. NC State was able to ride a Charmin-soft early schedule to a bowl game; they got what they came for — meanwhile, North Carolina has won four of five and is scoring quite a lot. The Pack defense is probably not destined to have a good day in what could be a somewhat high-scoring affair. North Carolina | UNC -6.5

Week 14 ACC Football Picks:
Florida at Florida State (-7.5)

Saturday, 3:30pm ET (ESPN)

Why should we be surprised if Florida plays the Seminoles close as Will Muschamp rides into the sunset and gets his inevitable ESPN gig before his buyout runs dry? FSU hasn’t had a legitimate blowout win since Wake Forest almost two months ago, and this is after all a rivalry game. Yet, as it has been and ever shall be, the Seminoles will pull another one out of their keesters. Florida State | UF +7.5

Week 14 ACC Football Picks:
Wake Forest at Duke (-19.5)

Saturday, 7pm ET (ESPNU)

This one makes no difference to anybody, but Duke’s offense has struggled recently. Wake’s defense could keep them within that big spread for a while before Duke eventually pulls away in a low-scoring game that will be avoided by primetime viewers. Then the backdoor cover happens. Duke | WF +19.5

Week 14 ACC Football Picks:
Pittsburgh at Miami (-10)

Saturday, 7pm ET (ESPN2)

This could be a battle not of which team wants it the most, but of which team does not want it the least. What scares me about Pittsburgh is that they have not won back-to-back games since mid-September, aside from the fact that Miami has played well at home. The Hurricanes in a close one. Miami | Pitt +10