Syracuse at Boston College Pick, Scenarios, and Bottom Line


Sadly, the Syracuse at Boston College pick is the last football selection we will make for a while, but Eagles fans might be less sad after the pick.

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In the final game of the 2014 regular season, Boston College gets to host a particular rival for the first time in ten years. The last time the Syracuse Orange came to Alumni Stadium — well, let’s just say any Eagles fans in witness would rather forget; the name Diamond Ferri still carries distressing weight.

Does Boston College get payback for 2004 — and 2013 for that matter?

Syracuse at Boston College Pick: Best-Case Scenario

Syracuse has but one thing going for them, and it’s their defense. Unfortunately for them, the only place it’s going on Saturday is full-speed into the offseason. Boston College starts running on the Orange and doesn’t stop until the opposition has been run out of the building.

Having already mailed it in, a minimal offensive performance by Syracuse leads the Eagles to a big 34-7 win as they conquer Senior Day.

Syracuse at Boston College Pick: Worst-Case Scenario

Boston College has seen plenty of bad scenarios in recent memory when playing Syracuse. It will suffice to say that the worst-case scenario lies somewhere between the 2004 debacle and the 2013 debacle, but probably closer to the 2013 debacle because the Orange are not even as good as the 2004 team that beat the Eagles back then.

In this event, Syracuse essentially pulls a Colorado State (or a 2013 Syracuse) and stuns the Eagles again in the fourth quarter, this time in a lower-scoring game.

Syracuse at Boston College Pick: Bottom Line

Boston College is a better team than Syracuse. All we need now is for the final score to confirm it, if the final score confirms it.

Syracuse’s offense is about as bad as it was for the Spaziani-era Eagles, while Boston College’s defense has had a better year than most would have expected. It seems prudent to figure that the Orange will have trouble getting out of the teens, while Boston College, who have tended to play up or down to their level of competition, might make things more interesting than they should be but they have enough on offense to get it done.

Syracuse at Boston College Pick: Details

• Boston College 27, Syracuse 17
• Syracuse +11
• No missed extra points (if Knoll kicking)