Boston College Schedule-A-Team: Pac-12 Football

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As recently as September, Boston College has updated their overall history against Pac-12 football. In spite of the great distance between Boston and their membership, we have seen that they are an option in terms of scheduling. Well, that was a lie: most of them are not.

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The flights will be long for either participating team, but the Pac-12 does have at least one or two schools that are good fits, and maybe even future rivals if the mutual interest is ever established.

Which schools are those, and do any other Pac-12 football teams look to manifest themselves on the Boston College schedule someday?

Boston College Pac-12 Football Schedule-A-Team: Arizona Wildcats

All-Time History With Boston College: 1 game (0-1-0)
Last Faced: 2013 AdvoCare V100 Bowl (Arizona wins, 42-19)

Travel (if necessary): About five hours or so out to the desert.

Mutual Interest Factor: Probably less since Arizona kicked Boston College’s hindquarters on New Year’s Eve.

Intrigue Factor: On the other hand, maybe Boston College wants another chance to beat them. Doubt it, however.

The Verdict: Would consider scheduling home or away, but very unlikely to happen.

Boston College was made to respect Arizona in the one and only meeting these teams have ever had. They’ve got a solid program now under Rich Rod, but it is not likely we will see them again for a while, unless we both get shunted to Shreveport again.

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