Boston College Schedule-A-Team: Pac-12 Football

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Nov 8, 2014; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona State Sun Devils place kicker Alex Garoutte (25) celebrates with teammates after beating the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 55-31 at Sun Devil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College Pac-12 Football Schedule-A-Team: Arizona State Sun Devils

All-Time History With Boston College: 1 game (1-0-0)
Last Faced: 2000 Aloha Bowl (BC wins, 31-17)

Travel (if necessary): Pretty much whatever time it would take to get to the other big Arizona football school.

Mutual Interest Factor: About >< this much.

Intrigue Factor: Not a whole lot, gotta say.

The Verdict: Would consider it home or away, but only if the situation were absolutely right. With that said, not sure the situation will ever be absolutely right unless Boston College starts recruiting Arizona and/or plate tectonics move Arizona and Massachusetts closer together.

Boston College beat the Forks in the last-ever Aloha Bowl. Let’s play them again, but only if we get a trip to Hawaii out of it again.

Nov 1, 2014; Corvallis, OR, USA; California Golden Bears quarterback Jared Goff (16) hugs California Golden Bears cornerback Darius Allensworth (2) after they beat the Oregon State Beavers 45-31 at Reser Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College Pac-12 Football Schedule-A-Team: California Golden Bears

All-Time History With Boston College: 1 game (1-0-0)
Last Faced: 1986 (BC wins, 21-15)

Travel (if necessary): Quite a lot of travel, to the tune of about six hours by plane.

Mutual Interest Factor: Non-existent.

Intrigue Factor: Probably also non-existent.

The Verdict: Might give it a thought.

Cal has actually made a trip out to Boston College, but that was also 28 years ago. For obvious reasons, they do not spend much time out on the East Coast, but that does not mean they never do.

This would be no more than a “sure, why not” sort of thing if it ever happens.

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