Boston College Schedule-A-Team: Big 12 Football

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Nov 8, 2014; Norman, OK, USA; Baylor Bears running back Devin Chafin (28) celebrates a touchdown with guard LaQuan McGowan (60) during the first half against the Oklahoma Sooners at Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Now we start getting into some big-boy teams the Boston College Eagles can potentially schedule with Big 12 football.

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The Eagles do not often fill out their schedule with the likes of these teams, but that does not mean it wouldn’t be interesting if they did. In fact, there are some games of note in this program’s past featuring teams from the Big 12.

Is there a chance that someday, Boston College could schedule any of these Big 12 football teams? At least one would get us into “blast from the past” territory.

Boston College Big 12 Football Schedule-A-Team: Baylor Bears

All-Time History With Boston College: 3 games (3-0-0)
Last Faced: 1999 (BC wins, 30-29 in overtime)

Travel (if necessary): It’s a good thing Boston College can charter its own planes. This would probably be in the four-hour range via air.

Mutual Interest Factor: Probably not much. The Bears are looking to play ACC rival Duke in the near future, and they went to Buffalo of all places this season, so yes, stranger things have happened.

Intrigue Factor: Given how far Baylor has come in recent years, Boston College might find it intriguing, but would Baylor?

The Verdict: Would schedule home or away, but not holding out much hope.

I’ll be honest: that’s three more games than I thought Boston College had ever played against the Bears, though forgive me because all were before my time.

The Bears have a respectable program, and assuming it stays that way, many on the Eagles end would probably be pleased to land an arrangement with them. Yet, it feels more like a “yeah, why not” sort of thing than anything driven by logical reasons like the right fit and recruiting reasons.

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