Boston College Schedule-A-Team: FBS Independents

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Independence is a lovely thing, if you can find twelve teams willing to schedule you annually. Such is the case with the FBS Independents, but is Boston College willing to cooperate?

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As we are doing all this week and into next, Soaring to Glory is going to adapt a Seinfeldism is determine what non-conference college football teams are “sched-worthy.” Today, our journey takes us to the FBS Independents, sans quasi-partial-maybe-kind of ACC team Notre Dame.

Of these three teams, which would we like to see Boston College play in football in the future. Is there anyone to whom we would be opposed? Which games make the most sense?

You get the idea.

Boston College FBS Independents Schedule-A-Team: Army Black Knights

All-Time History With Boston College: 38 games (25-13-0)
Last Faced: 2013 (BC wins, 48-27)

Travel (if necessary): Doable. It’s about three and a half hours from Boston to West Point by charter bus. If the school elected to fly to some airport in Orange County, it would take about 45 minutes tops.

Mutual Interest Factor: Pretty high. Boston College and Army have played each other six times since 2000, and 36 times in the last 56 seasons.

Intrigue Factor: About as much as one gets out of playing service academy.

The Verdict: Would definitely schedule home or away.

No problems whatsoever with scheduling Army, in Boston or at Michie Stadium (or some other major sports venue in between). Disasters like what happened in 2012 only take place once in a blue moon for the Eagles against Army, and even just attending the games, one can sense the respect the fans and players have for the Black Knights and all the cadets and military personnel who show up.

Michie Stadium also happens to be one of the nicest settings for a college football stadium anywhere in the country. There is typically little downside to playing Army, anyway, so this is a big “yes” once every few years.

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