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Nov 1, 2014; East Hartford, CT, USA; UCF Knights quarterback Justin Holman (13) hands off the ball to running back William Stanback (28) against the Connecticut Huskies in the second quarter at Rentschler Field. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles football is on their second bye week of the season, and as we prepare for the year’s exciting conclusion, it’s time to talk about the future of the Boston College schedule.

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There are 128 schools in FBS Division I football; the Eagles are obviously one, and we see 14 others on at least a somewhat regular basis, including quasi-ACC team Notre Dame. That leaves 113 non-conference teams as options to be scheduled every year.

Some of them offer intrigue, some seem like they could be fine regional rivals, and others we rarely if ever see.

Starting with the American Athletic Conference today, we look at those other 113 teams. What is Boston College’s history with these AAC football teams, what are the chances of the Eagles scheduling them, and how desirable a fit would they be for the Boston College schedule?

Boston College Schedule-A-Team: Central Florida Knights

All-Time History With Boston College: 2 games (1-1-0)
Last Faced: 2011 (UCF wins, 30-3)

Travel (if necessary): Relatively easy by plane from Boston to Orlando. It would be about a two and a half hour flight for the players, which is not that bad.

Mutual Interest Factor: Some. These two teams have played each other twice since 2008; though there is nothing scheduled in the immediate future, there has to have been at least some interest in the recent past.

Intrigue Factor: Not much. UCF and Boston College do not have any real history or rivalry.

The Verdict: Would schedule; not opposed to playing a game in Orlando if necessary.

The last time these two teams met in September 2011, Boston College got thoroughly embarrassed. That probably would not have much impact on scheduling them in the future, as this is not the same Eagles team swirling the bowl.

This would be one of those “filler” sorts of games that we would take if better ones were not available. However, George O’Leary kind of looks like Phil Donahue minus the glasses, which is somewhat amusing and worth a few cheap laughs.

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