Boston College vs. NC State Pick, Scenarios, and Bottom Line


Arriving at a Boston College vs. NC State pick has not been easy. How could it be simple to choose between two teams that quite frankly cannot be trusted at the present time?

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Boston College just withstood its worst loss of the season prior to their bye week, and the Wolfpack only have four wins by now because of a very, very accommodating non-conference schedule. They, too, are coming off of their worst loss of the season.

As we established yesterday, this is a game that the Eagles realistically have to have in order to get into bowl position, while NC State likewise needs it to recapture some forward momentum. They do currently have momentum, but it’s pointing in the wrong direction.

Who takes this Saturday game in Raleigh?

Boston College vs. NC State Pick:
The “Experts” Say…

ESPN’s ACC braintrust split its vote, 2-2. The expectation seems to be for a close game all the way around.

Boston College vs. NC State Pick:
Boston College Best-Case Scenario

The Eagles go back to the aggressiveness in the running game that was working for them early and strike first for a touchdown. A few bad series later for Jacoby Brissett and the Wolfpack offense against a depleted Eagles defense, and the Raleigh locals begin to groan.

NC State eventually gets back on track, and on the scoreboard, but by this point, a combination of Tyler Murphy, Jon Hilliman, Myles Willis, et al. has already done noticeable damage.

The defensive breakdowns become a bit more pronounced as the game goes on, but Boston College is able to stay ahead of the wave as neither defense can stop the other. The Eagles win by about a touchdown, maybe 10.

Boston College vs. NC State Pick:
Boston College Worst-Case Scenario

Boston College’s offensive gameplan is the football equivalent of a bowl of mild farina, just like in the Colorado State game. NC State figures it out relatively quickly and, thanks in part to a weakened defense, they take the lead, one they never relinquish. Brissett rocks the Eagles’ secondary for a big game.

In a game about as frustrating as the Rams contest, if not more because of its implications, the Eagles lose a ten-point game and fall back to 3-3.

Boston College vs. NC State Pick:
The Bottom Line

The Eagles typically do not win in the few times when they have gone to Raleigh, not that that makes a great deal of difference now in 2014. From a Boston College perspective, NC State is beatable, and from the Wolfpack perspective, so are the Eagles.

In terms of body of work so far, Boston College has probably been the better team this season, but though they are are capable of pulling off the big win, they are just as likely to sleepwalk through a loss. With the Eagles this season, you never know.

This is tough to pin down as these teams are all over the map. We will give a narrow edge to the Eagles having had the extra week of rest, but the confidence level in this pick is about 51 or 52 percent. It’s a majority, at least.

Boston College vs. NC State Pick:
Detailed Pick

• Boston College 34, NC State 31
• Boston College +4