Boston College at NC State: 5 Big Questions

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Sep 5, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston College players come onto the field prior to the game against Pittsburgh Panthers at Alumni Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College at NC State: 5 Big Questions
4.) No, really, is NC State a must-win game for the Eagles?

Technically, no. Applied practically, yes.

Obviously, if the Eagles lose and fall to 3-3, they still have six games remaining and would only need to win half of them in order to qualify for a bowl game. The problem is how difficult those six might be.

It was generally understood before the season began that the Eagles’ schedule was heavier in the second half than the first. To have a realistic chance of getting there for the second-straight year, Boston College probably would have to take four of the first six. With a win against NC State, they can do that, and qualify simply by taking very winnable games like Syracuse and Wake Forest.

With a loss, the Eagles can only get to five if they win those other two games. They would then have to win one of Louisville, Clemson, Virginia Tech, or Florida State, and Boston College will be underdogs in all of them. In some, substantial underdogs.

Losing to Colorado State wiped out the Eagles’ margin of error. If they do not win on Saturday, Boston College’s battle becomes an uphill fight.