Eagles Football: 2014 Boston College Offensive Line Preview

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The 2014 Boston College offensive line preview focuses on strength.

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Literally, this is a strong unit: combining their heights, weights, and the forces they are capable of applying to others, put it this way, you probably would not want to get on their bad sides.

Otherwise, it is a strong unit in that it may be Boston College’s best entering the 2014 season. The offensive line has been an historical strength for the Eagles, producing a number of quality NFL players over the years and sustaining some consistently good Boston College football teams.

That was lost for a little while during the Dark Period™ of Eagles football in recent times, but “O-Line U” is back. Expect from them a steady, respectable overall performance in 2014 as they look to help the offensive as a whole continue to pound the football and score points.

2014 Boston College Offensive Line Preview: Losses

Win Homer, transfer
Dan Lembke, off roster
Matt Patchan, graduation
Ian White, graduation

2014 Boston College Offensive Line Preview: Gains

• Jon Baker, freshman
• James Hendren, freshman
• Sam Schmal, freshman
Ian Silberman, transfer

2014 Boston College Offensive Line Preview: Ian Silberman, starter

Our Preview: Ian Silberman, OL

2014 Boston College Offensive Line Preview: Bobby Vardaro, starter

Our Preview: Bobby Vardaro, OL

2014 Boston College Offensive Line Preview: Andy Gallik, starter

Our Preview: Andy Gallik, OL

2014 Boston College Offensive Line Preview: Harris Williams, starter

Our Preview: Harris Williams, OL

2014 Boston College Offensive Line Preview: Seth Betancourt, potential starter

Our Preview: Seth Betancourt, OL

This is most likely the starting five Boston College will run out of the tunnel on opening day, perhaps with one change. Four of these players look set in stone as starters, most of them returning starters from last season.

The Eagles lost two starters from 2013 — Matt Patchan and Ian White — but while one Ian is being replaced with another, senior Seth Betancourt seems ready to step up and take the remaining role.

Rearranging a few players might be in order, but most likely these are the starting five. It is a very experienced offensive line, and may be the most experienced in the Atlantic Coast Conference. (If it’s not, it’s definitely near the top.) There is little question that this group will play admirably.