July 2014 Boston College Football Recruiting Notebook

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In June, it was almost impossible to keep up with the influx of commitments, but the July 2014 Boston College football recruiting notebook is looking much thinner.

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Thin as in two recruits, far off the blistering pace set in June, in which the Eagles got upcoming 13 high school seniors to commit. Last month was a productive month like Boston College has not seen in modern times, so it stands to reason that the following month might be lighter.

It is entirely possible that now, with a total of 24 commitments for the 2015 class, that the Eagles are close to maxing out on scholarships at this time. Chances are that if they have any left for 2015, there are not many, and they can afford to be more selective with who rounds out the class.

The two newcomers who joined up are as follows:

July 2014 Boston College Football Recruiting: Jeff Smith, ATH

Clearwater, FL; committed July 1

Had Smith committed a day earlier, he would have just been one of over a dozen in a crowded June, but instead gets a great deal of focus as one of two new recruits in July.

Jeff Smith is an athlete from the Gulf coast of Florida who plays quarterback for Clearwater Central Catholic High School.

His offer list included such fine institutions (including Boston College) as Wisconsin, Iowa State, and Louisville. The major recruiting services all rated him as a three-star recruit.

He self-reports running a 40 of 4.44 seconds, and went 93-for-169 for 1366 yards, 7 TD and 11 INT in his junior year. On the ground, Jeff Smith had 82 carries for 611 yards and seven more touchdowns for a team that had over twice as many rushing yards as it did passing yards. Some of his season highlights included the following:

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