Boston College Football 2014: Jake Wilhelm, K


All about Boston College Eagles junior kicker Jake Wilhelm, valued member of the special teams unit.

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Wilhelm made the trek to Boston College from Ohio — the shores of Lake Erie, to be exact. Prior to that, he was kicker for his high school football team; amongst the highlights of his senior season for St. Edward was making a game-winning field goal in the season opener.

We profiled Jake Wilhelm two years ago when he arrived on the Heights, but what has changed since then for his situation, and what has changed for Boston College’s? For one thing, the kicker’s role is now vacant.

Since his arrival at Boston College, his game activity has been contained mostly to the scout team and spring football. With player roles changing in 2014, however, filling the voids left by Nate Freese, there might be room for players like Wilhelm to prove something.

Jake Wilhelm #48: Fast Facts

  • Position: Kicker
  • Hometown: Lakewood, Ohio
  • High School: St. Edward High School, Lakewood, OH
  • Measurements: 5-foot-8, 146 lb.
  • Class year at 2014 opener: Junior
  • BC games played: 1

Jake Wilhelm #48: 2013 Season

  • Appeared officially in one game (New Mexico State)
  • Appeared on Spring 2014 roster

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It would seem that the new kicker at Boston College goes by the name of Mike Knoll. Yet, why can’t someone like Jake Wilhelm end up as a backup or in some other role on special teams?

This is, after all, a land of opportunity, and Boston College football is a merit system. There is room for Wilhelm and others if they do their work and continue to prove themselves to the coaches. We want the best players out there at all times for the Eagles, and it he performs, then good for him and us.

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