2014 Boston College Football Poll: Predict the Eagles’ Record


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It may be hard to believe, but the next Eagles football season is two months away. Time to roll out our “official” (as opposed to any unofficial polls I suppose) 2014 Boston College football poll.

We have talked about the Eagles’ upcoming schedule, and on Soaring to Glory, there will be much more discussion of it as August approaches. We have also read a number of previews, some of which were fair and cautious, others of which were careless and incomplete. Whatever the case may be, these could help Eagles fans out there reach their own verdict.

Boston College fans, we want to gauge your optimism, pessimism, or anything in between. We want to know how you think this upcoming season is going to go for Steve Addazio and his dudes. Is there another bowl game in our future, or will the widely-expected “step back” knock Boston College out of consideration?

Including the poll itself, we have included the season schedule to help you make at least a slightly informed decision. For the record, the Eagles will play seven home games this season with an eighth down the road in Foxboro — good odds that there will be as many Boston College fans as UMass fans present, if not more.

2014 Boston College Football Poll: Predict the Eagles’ Record

2014 Boston College Schedule

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