Top 10 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players, Part 1

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Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Top 10 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players, 10-6

9. Dan Crimmins, WR

Crimmins is a player who has kept a relatively low profile. In 2013, he had only ten receptions as one of his former teammates, Alex Amidon, vacuumed up catches for each of the latter’s final two years on the Heights.

Now, Dan Crimmins finds himself as one of the top wide receivers on the Eagles in 2014.

If Boston College had been busy establishing an offensive identity as a pass-happy team over the past year, then perhaps Crimmins would be higher on the list. Yet, even though the Eagles look like a run-first, “smashmouth football” sort of team, wide receivers are still quite necessary and here is a player who could find himself second or even first on the yardage stat sheet by the time the year is over.

One thing is for sure: he will not have a low profile for much longer.