2014 Boston College Football: Final Grades

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Oct 18, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston College Eagles head coach Steve Addazio holds up 4 fingers during the second half of a game against the Clemson Tigers at Alumni Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

With all the individual units and sub-units of the Eagles graded, it’s time to reveal the final grade for 2014 Boston College Football.

Many different factors were taken into consideration, including how well the component parts of the offense, defense, and special teams performed and how effective they proved to be at the end of the day. Our evaluations of offense, defense, and special teams also looked into how well the coaches did in getting the guys ready to play, and if they put their players in the best position to win.

It feels like the 2014 season passed quickly, mainly because it did. In thirteen games, or 780 minutes of football plus a few overtimes, a great deal took place, and even though those thirteen hours of game time seemed brief, there was plenty to judge. Now, after all the practices, pregame preparation, and battles on the field, we slap a final grade on the whole thing. One letter will define the season.

2014 Boston College Football: Grades Already Revealed

Boston College Eagles. OFFENSE . B. . All

. All. Boston College Eagles. DEFENSE . B

C+. . All. Boston College Eagles. SPECIAL TEAMS

2014 Boston College Football: “Effort Grade”

B-. This is the “did the team show up?” grade. Just like you got one in grade school, BC football gets one here. <p>It was arrived at by averaging the team’s performances in all 13 games. In the following appraisal, the grades for each game represent if the Eagles played a good, solid, consistent game, up to and including their overall effort.</p> <p>UMass: B+. Pitt: D. USC: A. Maine: B. Colorado State: C-. NC State: A-. Clemson: B. Wake Forest: B-. Virginia Tech: B. Louisville: D. Florida State: A-. Syracuse: B-. Penn State: C.</p> <p>The three best games the Eagles played all season were USC, Florida State, and NC State. Two of those were wins, and one was a convincing loss in a game they should have won.</p> <p>Many of them were incomplete efforts. Colorado State was great for Boston College in the first half and terrible in the second. The Eagles dominated Wake Forest about as much as a team can in the first half, and barely clung to the game in the second. Boston College played about 25 minutes against Maine and still won by 30.</p> <p>UMass was closer than it should have been early, but the score eventually caught up to the disparity in play on the field. Boston College was flat against Pittsburgh from front to back, but had every chance to beat Clemson and could not figure out how.</p> <p>Virginia Tech saw the Eagles dominate play for long stretches but blow the game in the fourth quarter, only to get it back. Louisville was a disappointment almost all the way across for Boston College. Syracuse was a mediocre performance that happened to be good enough to beat a bad team. Finally, the Eagles were again disappointing against Penn State, blowing a two-touchdown lead and letting the Nittany Lions hang around.</p>. All. Boston College Eagles. EFFORT

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