2014 Boston College Football: Final Grades

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Nov 1, 2014; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Boston College Eagles running back Marcus Outlow (7) runs as Virginia Tech Hokies cornerback Kendall Fuller (11) defends in the fourth quarter at Lane Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

2014 Boston College Football: Final Grade

B-. This is the average of everything together — offense, defense, special teams, and effort. <p>A B-minus season seems about right for the Eagles. That is a passing grade, and probably a better one than some would have expected over the summer, but it was hampered by some inconsistent performances and the treachery of Boston College special teams, particularly in one area.</p> <p>Nobody ever expected it to be perfect, but it was watchable, even though Boston College played few “complete” games. This could not be an A because the Eagles did not play well enough for long enough to be one. Yes, there were some tremendous moments, like the USC game which will be remembered in Boston College lore for years to come, but those peaks were accompanied by valleys, for whole games or sizable parts of games.</p> <p>Besides, a 7-6 season is nothing to write home about, even if that 7-6 season happens to be an improvement upon the one some folks originally expected. While it was decent for what they were able to do as a football program, they turned out to be a mediocre, middle-of-the-pack team.</p> <p>That is not for lack of trying — 2014 Boston College football could have won ten games or so if they could actually finish a couple of them — but in the end, they did not finish the Colorado State game. They did not finish the Clemson game. They did not finish the Florida State game. They did not finish the Penn State game. The difference between being just okay and very good sometimes is as simple as being able to stop the other team and make that one last play or set of plays to get over the top.</p> <p>When we collectively look back, this 2014 season will not end up being one to remember. All we will take from it are individual instances, and to be blunt, Boston College fans will probably only recall 2014 for two things specifically: beating USC and blowing the Pinstripe Bowl. That is a crude analysis, but time will likely reveal it to be true.</p>. All. Boston College Eagles. FINAL GRADE