2014 Boston College Football Defense: Stats and Grades

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Oct 25, 2014; Winston-Salem, NC, USA; Boston College Eagles defensive back Justin Simmons (27) reacts after intercepting a pass late in the fourth quarter against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons at BB&T Field. Boston College defeated Wake Forest 23-17. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 Boston College football defense was better than its 2013 edition, but how much better?

Any overall evaluation of the defense would reveal that there were things to celebrate this season when this bunch was on the field, but the question to consider is how far that celebration should go. Though things may have been “better” relative to the seasons immediately prior, just how well did Don Brown’s men actually do?

It is important to try to look at the whole 13-game span, though our collective tendency can be to focus on one particular game or one particular play, good or bad. What we need to determine is how it all turned out as objectively as possible.

2014 Boston College Football Defense: Grading Factors

Just as it was with the offense on Monday, the defense will be graded on its individual unit performances.

The following criteria will be evaluated:

  • Defensive line
  • Linebackers
  • Secondary
  • Coaches

The unit’s overall effectiveness will also be rated before averaging the final grade. This will take into consideration the team’s defensive bottom lines: did they shut the opposition down? Did they keep them off the scoreboard? Did they get off the field when they had chances to get off the field?

Letter grades all the way, grading on the same scale to which you were subject at Boston College (if, in fact, you were subject to them while at Boston College). A is the highest it goes, and all the way down to F. Sparing you some suspense, nobody got an F — at least, not today.

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