VIDEO: Steve Addazio Really Wants Dudes to Go to Pinstripe Bowl


If you call yourself a “dude” or a “dudette,” your commanding officer, Steve Addazio, requests and requires your presence at the Pinstripe Bowl.

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Granted, I do not personally know many females who designate themselves as “dudettes,” but plenty of guys refer to themselves as “dudes” and so the order is valid.

The Pinstripe Bowl is in less than two weeks, and Addazio is seeking the participation of the maroon and gold from the stands. He will probably get his wish as it looks like the game is destined to sell out. There may be more Penn State fans there than Eagles fans, but a sea of white, hardly.

It is not asking a lot of Eagles fans, particularly those who live in the Tri-State Area, to head down to Yankee Stadium for the game, but just in case any further spurring-on was required, Addazio has provided it.

The video was cute, not that that’s a team one would typically associate with a football program, or a guy like Addazio for that matter. This would have gotten stale if it lasted for more than a minute, but not a bad effort.

So it was cheesy; the point is that if there are any Eagles fans still waiting out there to make a move for tickets, your window is closing quickly. Jump on them now and don’t look back. Get them before someone in blue and white does.

In fact, you might have trouble: here’s the current seating available through Ticketmaster (screenshot from their website at 5:30pm ET).