No, Steve Addazio Is Probably Not Going to Wisconsin, Either


With the coaching shakeups ongoing at some big-name college football programs, let us take a moment to mention that Steve Addazio will most likely not be the next Wisconsin Badgers head coach.

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In the event you are one of those Eagles fans who now panics every time a decent major-conference job opens up, it’s nice that we have a coach who is good enough to make us worry about such things. Otherwise, let’s take a step back and chill.

Wisconsin is a nice job, nobody will take that away from them. Evidently, it was not that nice for Bret Bielema or Gary Andersen, but it is a nice job. Yet, like with the Michigan, Florida, or Nebraska jobs opening, it just does not seem worth the anxiety that Steve Addazio might leave. Chances are, he is not.

Boston College fans can be organized into a continuum when it comes to the job status of Steve Addazio. On one end, there are those who believe that the coach is truly at home at Boston College and was being sincere when he said it was his “dream job.” Then, on the other, there is the crowd that remembers that Addazio is a college football coach, and when a school like Wisconsin or Michigan or Florida is looking, that he will be putting out feelers and seeking the exits at his first opportunity.

The reality is probably somewhere in the middle. It would be naive of us to believe that Addazio is done advancing his career, but now might not be the right time, and Wisconsin (amongst other places) might not be the fit he seeks. It is also prudent to suggest that while Addazio has got to be willing to listen to big-name programs, that does not mean that he is eager to leave Boston College.

He may someday, but again, it is not necessarily now.

When it comes to the Wisconsin job specifically, Barry Alvarez has just had two coaches bolt on him in a short amount of time. If he hired Addazio, he would bring in a coach who has been at his head coaching destinations two years each. This probably does not fit the profile of what Alvarez seeks, though Addazio could do a fine job there.

If Addazio does go to Wisconsin or somewhere else, lots of luck to him and best wishes for putting Boston College back on the map. Do not count on someone else standing on the sideline next season, however, and even if Addazio goes, Madison might not be the most appealing destination left.