Soaring to Glory Show, December 10, 2014: The Future Is Pinstriped


The Soaring to Glory Show, December 10, 2014: Boston College football heading to New York City, Boston College basketball with another nice win, and Boston College hockey’s last stand.

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It’s our second to last show of 2014, and our winter break could not possibly come at a worse time as there is going to be much to discuss between now and the new year.

Don’t look at me to show up solo at the studio for our regular Wednesday night shows on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, though. You can feel our collective warmth and love here on soaringtoglory dot com.

This has been a big week for Boston College sports since last we gathered.

Soaring to Glory Show, December 10, 2014
Pinstripe Bowling

Boston College will face the Penn State Nittany Lions in the 2014 Pinstripe Bowl. We have two shows to break this one down — and over the next three weeks on this site, since it’s the last game of the season, we will deconstruct this thing down to the subatomic level.

Here, we can start with general impressions of the game and what kind of matchup (e.g. favorable, unfavorable) this looks like for the Eagles.

Soaring to Glory Show, December 10, 2014
Hoops Healing

Boston College men’s basketball has two decent wins already this season, which is probably two more than most of us expected. On Friday, they took out Providence to get back above .500 at 4-3.

Now, in our most recent power rankings, I put the Eagles at 12th. Tune in for Kyle Egan’s reaction.

Soaring to Glory Show, December 10, 2014
Hockey Holds On

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The men’s hockey team is still afloat, having gone 1-0-1 this past weekend against New Hampshire. They have a big game with Michigan this weekend and then take the next couple weeks off (except for the five guys in the World Juniors).

Just how hot do the Eagles have to get in the second half in order to get to the tournament?

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