Boston College Fans: Get Your Pinstripe Bowl Tickets


Don’t make me tell you again, Boston College Eagles football fans: If you live in the Northeast, it’s time to get your Pinstripe Bowl tickets.

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If you can, get those Pinstripe Bowl tickets through the school, while you’re at it. That is, when Boston College announces how to get a hold of their allotment.

We have been afforded an opportunity that this fanbase has not had to date: a chance at playing in a bowl game regionally. Yes, we all want the Orange Bowl or the College Football Playoff, but in the here and now, we got exactly what we wanted and Boston College as a school can travel well.

Together, we need to make sure that we do.

This is a very important game for a number of reasons. First, amongst others, even though their record does not say they are a big-name, Penn State are a big-name opponent. Second, recruiting in the tri-state area, particularly just over the Hudson River in New Jersey, has been key for this program, and the Eagles need to work on those head-to-head battles with the Nittany Lions. Finally, winning a bowl game — any bowl game — is a privilege that only about a quarter of college football teams will share and would be a way of legitimizing what Boston College has accomplished this season.

As fans, if our means allow, it is our duty to show our support, and a trip to New York City on a weekend (Christmas weekend though it is) is doable. The stands need to be full of maroon and gold, especially considering that the Penn State fanbase is large and they will make the trip from State College, elsewhere in Pennsylvania, and the tri-state area.

It’s time for Boston College fans to put up or shut up. Either we turn out in respectable numbers for a (relatively) local bowl game, showing the organizers that Eagle alumni do travel, or we blow the best chance we have ever had to fill in a venue and cast permanent doubt on our fanbase. No doubt Brad Bates and the ACC are counting on Eagles fans finally getting out for this one.

Now is the time to rally the Boston College Eagles spirit and get those Pinstripe Bowl tickets sold to our people. I feel like I’m doing a bit for a PBS pledge drive, and no I do not have a free tote bag to offer you for getting tickets, but the team and your fellow fans will thank you.

Pinstripe Bowl Tickets: Through The Bowl

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