Championship Weekend College Football Picks: Pick Six


Behold the Championship Weekend college football picks, the last chance we will get to do a pick six in 2014.

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Can’t complain, as the numbers have been good. For the season in the pick six, the against-the-spread record is 49-34-1 (59.0%).

But now, the games are getting good. Conferences that have title games will see them played out, and we will know the structure of the upcoming College Football Playoff very shortly. Florida State might even get to stay in if they remain undefeated; imagine that.

Who wins these big games this week? As previously noted, picks are against-the-spread.

Championship Weekend College Football Picks: Pick One
Arizona vs. Oregon (-14.5)

Friday, 9pm ET (Fox)

Oregon’s only loss this season? You guessed it: Arizona. It was at home, no less. Arizona has two losses, to the Los Angeles Pac-12 teams, but they are possibly a win away and a little bit of help from being in the playoff. We could easily have a situation where this Pac-12 Championship game is a win-and-in scenario for the College Football Playoff.

I cannot imagine that Oregon will get beaten twice by the Wildcats, but clearly Arizona is the only team that has figured them out, so do not sleep on them. Arizona +14.5

Championship Weekend College Football Picks: Pick Two
Louisiana Tech at Marshall (-12)

Saturday, 12pm ET (ESPN2)

Somehow, Marshall scored 66 points last weekend and lost. For purposes of comparison, their basketball team averages about 69 points per game. Thanks for nothing, Thundering Herd defense. Anyway, though they are out of the CFP rankings, they can still win the C-USA title game by beating the Bulldogs. They probably will, but LA Tech scores a ton of points can hang with them. LA Tech +12

Championship Weekend College Football Picks: Pick Three
Alabama (-14.5) vs. Missouri

Saturday, 4pm ET (CBS)

Nobody is giving Mizzou a chance in this game. They are not on Alabama’s level, and they don’t have the offense of the Tide, but they have done enough to stay in games. Of course, they have not beaten a team currently ranked all season. Alabama will win, but again, time to be contrary. Mizzou +14.5

Championship Weekend College Football Picks: Pick Four
Kansas State at Baylor (-9)

Saturday, 7:45pm ET (ESPN)

Baylor is so close and yet so far from the playoff. K-State’s defense is quite good, and their offense isn’t bad, either, but the Bears have simply overwhelmed teams. Would not be surprised to see the Cats hang around but Baylor winning by ten or so is definitely within reason. Baylor -9

Championship Weekend College Football Picks: Pick Five
Wisconsin (-4) vs. Ohio State

Saturday, 8:17pm ET (Fox)

The Badgers are the favorites in the Big Ten championship because of another injured Ohio State quarterback. The Buckeyes contend that there will not be a drop-off in terms of offensive production with Cardale Jones, but how will we know until we see it?

You could convince me that Bucky will win, but Wisconsin has done its best work at home this season and Ohio State should be able to find a way in a non-high scoring game. Ohio State +4

Championship Weekend College Football Picks: Pick Six
Fresno State at Boise State (-21)

Saturday, 10pm ET (CBS)

And then there’s this game which ended up on CBS late night television. Boise State is a way better team that could put up 50 on Fresno State without blinking. It’s expected to be a little rainy in Boise, so it helps that the Broncos are very good at running the ball. The Bulldogs have a bad run defense, which should make this a one-sided affair. Boise State -21