ACC Championship Game Pick: Florida State vs. Georgia Tech


Sadly, we are going on six years since the ACC championship game pick has included the Boston College Eagles. Maybe next year.

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In more pressing matters, the conference in which the Eagles reside is about to crown a champion this weekend, and it deserves an article all its own.

The voters of the College Football Playoff rankings are determined in their first season of existence to make the BCS look less bad by moving Florida State down every few weeks despite being the only undefeated team left in the nation. The team this hurts is Georgia Tech, who are robbed of the opportunity to beat #1 this weekend and have any shot at the playoff themselves.

Not that this makes a big difference to us at Boston College, as our chance at making the whole conversation moot went wide right in Tallahassee about two weeks ago, but the conference’s likely representative in the playoff has skated by on a weekly basis to remain undefeated. Now, them being undefeated has to count for something — like, say, a playoff berth — but Georgia Tech will have something to say about that.

The Yellow Jackets are good. They had one brief drop-off where they lost two games, but otherwise, the Jackets have been impressive, far more so than most outsiders expected. The question for all of us to ponder is if they are good enough to beat Florida State.

ACC Championship Game Pick: Florida State (-4.5) vs. Georgia Tech

Saturday, 8pm ET (ABC)

Georgia Tech is good enough to win this game on Saturday. Eventually, the Seminoles are going to lose, and I cannot tell you I get the sense that they are going to win the whole thing. Yes, Florida State has been very lucky in addition to being good, but every win streak ends at some point; it’s just a matter of whether or not it ends this season, or, more specifically, this Saturday.

The most likely outcome is a close game that the Seminoles once again pull out of their backsides in the fourth quarter.

Florida State | FSU -4.5