Steve Addazio: A Big-Program Coaching Candidate?


Two years ago tomorrow, Boston College Athletics announced their hiring of Steve Addazio to take over as head football coach.

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Back then, the news was met with antipathy on the part of many who were expecting a variety of different names. In December 2014, some fear he could be lost if a major program comes calling.

What is it that we always said about a good coach coming to Boston College and leaving quote-unquote too soon? That he would at least leave the program in better shape than he found it, thereby making it a more appealing job for the next guy.

At this point, however, Boston College fans should not feel any immediate sense of worry that Steve Addazio is going to leave. When he said in his introductory press conference that Boston College is a destination job for him, it rang more like gracious platitudes than a solemn promise to never leave the Heights. Nevertheless, he may leave someday, but there is little to suggest that someday is now.

Just last week, the MetroWest Daily News ran a piece suggesting that both Addazio and athletic director Brad Bates could both be leaving. In thinking Bates could return to his alma mater Michigan and Addazio to his last coordinator coaching stop in Florida, the author even has a potential AD replacement lined up for the Eagles.

Lenny Megliola is not the only one talking about Steve Addazio vacating the premises. Athlon Sports seems to like him as a candidate at Nebraska and Michigan. NBC’s CollegeFootballTalk also brought up the possibility of Addazio being a candidate at Florida.

Nobody would doubt the possibility that Addazio could leave if the situation was right. The problems with it now are these:

  • These so-called elite programs will probably have bigger names in mind, and though he has had two winning seasons at Boston College, Steve Addazio will probably lack the appeal and resume of other candidates who may appear.
  • There are a lot of coulds, woulds, and shoulds involved in this. At this stage, it is nothing but idle speculation.

The coach will most likely not be leaving after this season, though as it was in the situation where Brad Bates was being talked up with regards to Michigan, it is nice to have a coach that is sought after by others. It may ultimately be a losing game, but it means you have someone decent.