2014 Boston College Football Bowl Prediction: Where Do The Eagles Go?


With one game left in the season for the Boston College Eagles, and an official invitation soon to follow, it’s safe to make the bowl prediction.

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There are perhaps four or five bowl games that could invite the Eagles, though, as we have noted here before, Boston College and the Atlantic Coast Conference home office already have some idea of that destination.

On the outside, we do not, because nobody tells us anything until we need to know. It is then time to guess: Are the Eagles heading to Annapolis, or is a trip to Detroit in our future? Is New York City for the Pinstripe Bowl still an option, or might somewhere like El Paso be the location? Finally, is a return trip to Shreveport in the works?

Boston College Bowl Prediction: The Options

The Pinstripe Bowl takes place in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium on December 27. In terms of travel for the team and for the fans, this would be by far the easiest game.

Meanwhile, the Military Bowl on the campus of the US Naval Academy would be on the same day. A longer trip than New York to be sure, but still manageable.

Out in Detroit is the Quick Lane Bowl on December 26, against a Big Ten team if they are able to fill out their tie-in quota.

The Independence Bowl, now with 100% more Duck Dynasty, is on December 27 in Shreveport, and is for all intents and purposes the same bowl game Boston College played in last season.

FInally, the Sun Bowl is in El Paso, also on December 27.

Boston College Bowl Prediction: The Likeliest

The Sun Bowl seems like a bit of a reach, as it does not necessarily feature a great ACC team, but Boston College almost always gets docked in the bowl pecking order because of how we travel. If most Eagles fans are not going to bother with somewhere like Detroit, what makes you think they will go to El Paso?

Further, while we may have all found Notre Dame’s tank job to be highly amusing, chances are it will also displace the Eagles from an easy trip to New York City after Christmas.

The three likeliest bowls for Boston College, in no particular order, are the Military Bowl, Quick Lane Bowl, and Independence Bowl. Though close to several more victories, the Eagles did not win enough this season to do much better than these.

Boston College Bowl Prediction: The Bottom Line

Boston College is probably going to the Quick Lane Bowl. One of the Mid-Atlantic teams figures to get the Military Bowl — perhaps the winner of the Virginia-Virginia Tech game — and it would appear unlikely that the Eagles are going to go back to the same bowl in consecutive years. It has happened, but it is atypical.

Detroit will be sold as a boost for Boston College’s recruiting, as they devote a great deal of energy to the Midwest, but in terms of the game itself, the city holds little appeal (and so might the opponent if the MAC ends up here), and the fans will probably not travel.