POLL: Preference on the Boston College Bowl Game?


The question today of Eagles fans is simple: Do you have a preference in regard to this year’s Boston College bowl game?

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There are only a certain number of bowl games this season that are even potential options, perhaps four or five. A week from today, we will know where the Boston College Eagles have been invited. These things are usually in the works a good amount of time before the invitations are announced, and someone at Boston College Athletics and/or the Atlantic Coast Conference home office in Greensboro has an idea of where this team goes in December.

Putting that aside, the issue of which one should be the Boston College bowl game is a matter for us to consider. Fans will obviously have their own preferences, for reasons of travel, timing, or anything else that may arise.

If you had to choose from a set of realistic options, which one would you prefer the most?

Pinstripe Bowl December 27; Bronx, New York. Big Ten tie-in. This is the game Boston College fans would by far travel to the best, but is it less likely now that Notre Dame is diluting the ACC bowl pool, and because the Eagles are at best a 7-5 team?

Military Bowl December 27; Annapolis, Maryland. An AAC tie-in.

Independence Bowl December 27; Shreveport, Louisiana. SEC tie-in. We know this bowl game, because we were in it last season. Boston College is probably in no rush to go back but you never know where we will get sent.

Sun Bowl December 27; El Paso, Texas. Pac-12 tie-in.

Quick Lane Bowl December 26; Detroit, Michigan. Big Ten tie-in, but most projections have shoved a MAC team in here.