Boston College-Florida State Game Reactions: Team, Media, and Fans


There were some diverse Florida State game reactions amongst Boston College fans on Saturday night.

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How did they, the team, and media respond to the 20-17 loss? The emotions ran the gamut from anger at certain playcalls to pride that the team had a great chance to knock off a top-five team despite being written off by most of the national media.

The “moral victory” is a poor substitute for the real thing, but was there reason to be pleased with Boston College football?

To round up the fan reactions and more, as we always do, we turn to Storify.

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Our Reactions to the Florida State Game Reactions

  • If you were told Boston College was going to be in a tie game late in the fourth quarter, you would have signed for that. You would have also hoped that Boston College had the ball last. They didn’t, and Florida State did what Florida State does. Regardless of whatever personal feelings you may have about their team, they know how to close out games and that’s why they are where they are.
  • When the now-infamous Bordner-to-Murphy play happened, it struck me as a really gutsy call. A few plays later we gained some added perspective. Boston College had literally run the ball — very effectively — on every previous play of the drive. Florida State could not stop them. Boston College got too cute and it ended up costing them. There may have been a time and place to try that, but that was not it.
  • Alex Howell missing that kick late was devastating, but it is hard to be mad at him. Yes, most of us figured he would miss, and the wet grass and pouring rain were not helpful. Still, you go to a guy who has been very shaky on field goal kicks all year and make him make that boot after botching a series at the FSU 25. Apparently, the Eagles decided Howell is their “long-range” option, and Steve Addazio’s response to him getting the call is in essence “well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.” At worst, Mike Knoll could have done that, and he had been making his kicks yesterday. I still do not understand what Boston College is trying to do this season with the kickers-by-committee thing.