Boston College vs. Florida State Pick, Scenarios, and Bottom Line


The Boston College vs. Florida State pick, for your reading enjoyment: Do the Seminoles continue to irritate the rest of the nation by winning, or will the Eagles do them all a big favor?

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This game has been circled on many calendars, as Boston College will face the best team they will see all season long. It does not get much better than drawing the defending national champion when they are in the hunt to win it all again. What better opportunity to show your best?

Make no mistake, this will be a difficult game for the Eagles, but perhaps they have hope.

In spite of that, we may have to fly in the face of that hope with our selection.

Boston College vs. Florida State Pick: The “Experts” Say…

…we’re gonna lose. The CBS Sports guys are generally willing to believe the Eagles can cover that big spread, but none are taking the Eagles outright. The Fox Sports prediction gizmo also picks the ‘Noles in a fairly low-scoring game.

Boston College vs. Florida State Pick: Best-Case Scenario

Boston College stuns the Seminoles on a long opening drive of the game, with Tyler Murphy cramming the football down their throats for a touchdown. Florida State is back on their heels immediately, suffering a Jameis Winston interception early to help the Eagles pad their lead. Twitter accounts will say “upset alert” and all that.

Then the second half starts and the Seminoles respond, blowing past the Eagles to take their first lead of the game sometime during the third quarter. Yet, like other teams have against FSU, Boston College hangs around, and a late touchdown drive gives the Eagles the lead. Of course, they miss an extra point and it’s just a two-point game.

Winston and the Seminoles have the ball in the final minute, and Roberto Aguayo eventually kicks the game-winning field goal. A 1-point loss will feel like it might as well have been 50, so close and yet so far.

Boston College vs. Florida State Pick: Worst-Case Scenario

Florida State takes the opening drive of the game in for a touchdown and they are off to the races before the Eagles even know how to react. It’s 14-0 before Boston College even gets a first down.

Eventually, the Eagles wake up to some extent, and Florida State’s okay-at-best defense starts looking, well, okay at best. This leads to some Eagle points, but the Seminoles are ahead something like 24-7 at halftime.

Boston College makes some adjustments at the half, but Florida State remembers that they are a second-half team. The Eagles give up another two touchdowns before scoring their next one, and get throttled by an angry FSU team in a 41-17 contest.

Boston College vs. Florida State Pick: Bottom Line

The more I thought about this game, the more I thought Boston College will not get blown out. They could, but it does not really fit the script. This is a team that does what it is not expected to do — in this case, win.

Applying that logical illogic, the Eagles should play well in this game. Boston College has an extra week of rest, they have been competitive against this edition of the Seminoles, and FSU has this “skin of their teeth” thing going on.

With that said, can I predict a win? No. Am I hoping for one? Of course.

Boston College vs. Florida State Pick: Detailed Pick

• Florida State 38, Boston College 27
• Boston College +19
• Missed extra points: 1