Week 13 College Football Picks: Pick Six


In the Week 13 college football picks, the slate will not blow you away, but each game is huge with the College Football Playoff on the horizon.

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Not many SEC teams featured this week, as most of the conference is taking the week off with weak opposition.

Picks are against the spread. ACC teams will be featured later today, and your Boston College Eagles are picked separately on Friday.

Week 13 College Football Picks: Pick One
Kansas State at West Virginia (-2)

Thursday, 7pm ET (FS1)

It’s hard to go against Kansas State most of the time, given how well they have played for the vast majority of the season. Yet, Morgantown is a difficult place to play, what with the threat of couch-burning and all, and the Mountaineers are favored.

With all that said, I have to defer to the team that I assume and honestly believe is better. KSU +2

Week 13 College Football Picks: Pick Two
Rutgers at Michigan State (-22)

Saturday, 12pm ET (BTN)

Rutgers got what they came for — bowl eligibility — but Michigan State still has an outside shot at the playoff, miniscule though it is. They need this one, preferably with a heavy dose of “game control.” The Scarlet Knights were able to beat a supremely lousy Michigan team, but this other Michigan team is going to be much harder to beat. Michigan State -22

Week 13 College Football Picks: Pick Three
Arizona at Utah (-4)

Saturday, 3:30pm ET (ESPN)

The Utes and Wildcats have both had great seasons, but Utah has been a bit underrated all year and as such I would normally choose to defer to them. However, it seems to me that both teams have done some of their best work on the road this season, which leads me to think Arizona might be able to get this done. Arizona +4

Week 13 College Football Picks: Pick Four
Stanford (-5.5) at California

Saturday, 4pm ET (FS1)

Cal is going to give up a lot of points and everybody knows it. Thing is, Stanford has had a disappointing season and while I do not have a great deal of faith in the Bears, it is about as much as I have in the Cardinal. I would not be surprised if this were a field-goal game either way. Cal +5.5

Week 13 College Football Picks: Pick Five
USC at UCLA (-3.5)

Saturday, 8pm ET (ABC)

This rivalry is at its best when both teams are at their best. USC got back into the rankings this week, while UCLA is charging hard at the playoff. A lot of things will have to go the Bruins’ way to get there, and the Trojans would love to ruin UCLA’s season. We are a long way from that 50-0 USC win a couple years back; the Bruins have flipped the script since then and UCLA still looks like the better team. UCLA -3.5

Week 13 College Football Picks: Pick Six
Missouri at Tennessee (-3.5)

Saturday, 7:30pm ET (ESPN)

This is one of the few respectable SEC games this weekend. It seems amazing that Missouri, a ranked team, is an underdog to a 5-5 team, regardless of the fact that they’re at home. The bookies probably love the fact that Tennessee is getting better and just obliterated Kentucky. It makes a lot of sense that the Vols could keep this close, but Mizzou has gotten some good road wins this season. Mizzou +3.5