Boston College Schedule-A-Team: MAC Football

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Sep 27, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Heinz field is reflected in an Akron Zips helmet on the sidelines against the Pittsburgh Panthers during the third quarter at Heinz Field. The Akron Zips won 21-10. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We just got through the early part of the week, which meant time for MACtion: MAC football. Is Boston College destined to bring any to Alumni Stadium?

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The Eagles got their football coach and their athletic director from there, so it stands to reason that there might be some interest at one level or another.

Would any MAC football teams schedule Boston College in football, or vice versa? Does it make sense for either school involved?

As we have done with almost every FBS conference so far, we examine the individual teams and determine if Boston College might find them on an upcoming schedule.

Boston College MAC Football Schedule-A-Team: Akron Zips

All-Time History With Boston College: None
Last Faced: Not applicable

Travel (if necessary): No more than 90 minutes to two hours by plane to Akron.

Mutual Interest Factor: Not applicable.

Intrigue Factor: About as much as Akron inspires.

The Verdict: Might schedule for a one-off at Alumni Stadium.

Neither Akron nor Boston College appear to have interest in working out a scheduling deal. The two programs do not have much in common, but because the distance between them is not terrible, it is not completely out of the question that the Eagles could use them to fill out their September schedule.

Hopefully, it goes better than when Pitt scheduled them this season.

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