Soaring to Glory Show, November 19, 2014: Getting the Chop?


Soaring to Glory Show, November 19, 2014: Does Boston College have a date with destiny, or will the Seminoles scalp another lowly opponent?

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On this week’s show, the last before our Thanksgiving recess, what more could there be to discuss except for the Eagles’ huge game against the #3 Florida State Seminoles?

Nothing, if you don’t count the fact that all of Boston College’s revenue sports are in business at present.

Soaring to Glory Show, November 19, 2014:
Tallahassee Ho

The College Football Playoff committee has robbed Boston College of the opportunity to face the number one team in the nation. Game control and all that. So, the Eagles will just have to settle for beating the number three team.

At least, Kyle will surely pick Boston College. We discuss the Eagles’ keys to the game and just how lucky they will need to get to shock the college football world.

Soaring to Glory Show, November 19, 2014:
Hoop Dreams, Er, Nightmares

Boston College basketball is back, for better or for worse, and while they beat New Hampshire as expected, they also lost to UMass, playing a terrible second half on their way to defeat.

Now, the Eagles are soaking up the sun in Puerto Rico as they prepare to face the New Mexico Lobos. We will discuss if there is anything we have learned about Boston College hoops so far this season, even if only two games in.

Soaring to Glory Show, November 19, 2014:
Puck Luck?

Boston College hockey snapped its losing streak last weekend when they beat Michigan State in East Lansing. Yet, the Eagles have fallen to #12 in the nation as a bad loss to Harvard preceded it.

Is the hockey team about to turn the corner?

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