Week 12 College Football Picks: Pick Six


The Week 12 college football picks have arrived. Does Mississippi State stay in the penthouse? Will Ohio State continue their climb back up the rankings?

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These questions and more will be answered as we pick six games and offer against-the-spread choices. A few might even be correct.

Any and all games involving Atlantic Coast Conference teams will be selected separately. There, we will learn if the Eagles get to face the #3 team next week, or it will be some lower number.

Week 12 College Football Picks: Pick One
Ohio State (-12) at Minnesota

Saturday, 12pm ET (ABC)

The Buckeyes are rolling and looking to get themselves into the playoffs. A few think they should be there now, but their ranks do not include the actual voters in the College Football Playoff poll. Minnesota is doing well also, now ranked 25th in the nation. Ohio State has been blasting almost everybody since losing to Virginia Tech early in the year, and showed their true legitimacy in beating Michigan State on the road. Minnesota can and should hang in there, but the Buckeyes can cover that spread. Ohio State -12

Week 12 College Football Picks: Pick Two
Mississippi State at Alabama (-7)

Saturday, 3:30pm ET (CBS)

After all the Bulldogs have accomplished so far this season, they still have to go through Alabama. Isn’t that lucky for them. Mississippi State has been a great story of a program that broke through and got to the top while everyone looked towards Alabama, Auburn, and LSU. If they want to stay there, they will have to get through the Tide. As much as some would like to see it happen, it is difficult to envision, but as a consolation prize we will take the points just in case. Mississippi State +7

Week 12 College Football Picks: Pick Three
California at USC (-14)

Friday, 9pm ET (ESPN)

Boston College fans need no introduction to USC, who by their standards are having a disappointing season at 6-3. Meanwhile, Cal could make a bowl game this season, and no doubt they will try to get that accomplished this weekend. The thing with the Golden Bears is that they score a lot of points, and the Trojans are not above giving them up. The Bears could keep it close despite the fact that they’re going to give up 40 or so. Cal +14

Week 12 College Football Picks: Pick Four
Washington at Arizona (-9)

Saturday, 3:30pm ET (Fox)

Washington has been competitive at times this season, though going on the road to get a win is a tough ask of most any team. Here’s the thing about that, though: the home team Wildcats have been getting a ton of mileage out of their win over Oregon, and the rest of their victories are a good bit lighter in terms of quality. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that Arizona will probably win, but I’m not a true believer in them, either. Arizona -9

Week 12 College Football Picks: Pick Five
Auburn at Georgia (-2.5)

Saturday, 7:15pm ET (ESPN)

Some shine came off of Auburn last week after losing to Texas A&M. A lot of shine came off of Georgia a few weeks ago when they got firebombed by Florida. Neither makes much of a difference now. With Todd Gurley coming back, the Bulldogs get their biggest home win of the season over the Tigers. Georgia -2.5

Week 12 College Football Picks: Pick Six
San Diego State at Boise State (-14)

Saturday, 10:15pm ET (ESPNU)

This is a battle between a pretty good offense and a pretty good defense, both relative to Mountain West standards. The Broncos are 7-2 and, unlike us, they beat Colorado State this season. Meanwhile, San Diego State has not accomplished all the things they would have liked to this season, but I am willing to bet that they can keep it somewhat close. SDSU +14