An Open Letter to Boston College Soccer Players: Please Try Out for Boston College Football


Gentlemen of Boston College soccer: your school needs you, now more than ever.

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That sport you play during the fall months is, in many parts of the world, called football. You may or may not be aware that there is a team on campus that also calls its sport football, and they have fallen on hard times.

As Boston College soccer players, one would assume that you can probably kick. Hell, unless you’re the goalie, that’s all you can do aside from run up and down the field. No tackling, no passing, no catching. Just kicking.

Sadly, your counterparts on the Boston College football team are not capable of that thing which you on Boston College soccer do so naturally. The Eagles have missed seven extra points this season, the most since 1983, and there is no end in sight. It is the rough equivalent of missing a one-foot tap-in putt, and yet, this continues to happen almost weekly. This is where you come in.

The last time we had a Boston College soccer player, or, a student from Boston College who was knowledgeable in said sport, things turned out just fine. Since this was before your time here, do us a favor and Google “Steve Aponavicius.” The football team was without a viable option at kicker and literally gave a soccer player student a try-out on a whim; shortly thereafter, he was the hero making big field goals.

If heroism is not what you seek, then do it for love of your school.

If open tryouts are not already being held, request a meeting with Steve Addazio. Have someone walk you down to the field, where the football will be spotted at the three-yard line. If there are no long snapper or holder present, the ball will be on a tee at about the 11-yard line. Kick it through those yellow uprights directly in front of you. Hit it straight and get some elevation on it.

If you make it, great. You’re already on the two-deep. Accomplish that same feat about ten times in a row and you can walk-on to the team as the main placekicker.

This is not much we ask; only that you try. Boston College fans everywhere need you.