Louisville vs. Boston College Pick, Scenarios, and Bottom Line


It has become time for the Louisville vs. Boston College pick, but with some late injury news out of Louisville, will our choice change at the last minute?

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That news, of course, was Thursday’s announcement that the Cardinals’ leading sack-master and tackle-for-loss-er Lorenzo Mauldin will not play. Will that make a difference, or are the Eagles destined to lose no matter what?

All will be answered tomorrow, but we can try to answer now while we’re waiting.

Louisville vs. Boston College Pick: The “Experts” Say…

…Louisville is the favorite. Andrea Adelson, who picked against Boston College last week, does so again here, while David Hale, who had the Eagles defeating Virginia Tech, again chooses Boston College. May history repeat itself.

Louisville vs. Boston College Pick: BC Best-Case Scenario

The Eagles weather some strong early defense by the Cardinals and begin to wear down the Louisville defensive front seven right away with their commitment to the run. Boston College’s defense gets a few quick three-and-outs and takes the lead after a long touchdown drive, capped off by a Tyler Murphy run. Louisville is too good to stay down forever, and their own defense generates some opportunities to cut into Boston College’s advantage.

Eventually, the defenses take over completely, but the Eagles remain in front, and just so you know it really is a best-case scenario, Boston College closes out the game in the fourth quarter without serious incident.

Louisville vs. Boston College Pick: BC Worst-Case Scenario

In what looks like a defensive battle before kickoff, only one defense lives up to the billing, and it’s not the home team. Louisville’s defense may lack Mauldin, but they do not lack the ability to stop the run, as Boston College starts playing like they did against Pittsburgh. It is a struggle all night for the Eagles to advance the football, while Louisville’s passing game finds Boston College’s defensive vulnerabilities during blitzes. The Cardinals win by about 13 in an uninteresting and lackluster performance by the Eagles.

Louisville vs. Boston College Pick: The Bottom Line

This is going to be a difficult game, with or without Louisville at 100 percent. The Cardinals have a strong defense that is more than just one player, though one thing that can probably be said with some confidence is that the Eagles will play a competitive game. Ultimately, when it has come to the higher-profile home games this year, the Eagles have won one against USC while losing the opener against Pitt and the last big game against Clemson.

It’s a game Boston College could very well win, but they are not great at closing out games, and as such I do not have a great feeling about it.

Louisville vs. Boston College Pick: Detailed Pick

• Louisville 24, Boston College 20 (missed PAT)
• Louisville -3