Boston College-Virginia Tech Game Reactions: Team, Media, and Fans


Though like the Wake Forest game it got a little dicey, the Boston College football fans were all smiles in their Virginia Tech game reactions.

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It was not just the fans, either: the team is elated to have become bowl-eligible, but they all know that there is much work left to do. Now that they no longer have to worry about getting to a bowl game with six wins, the next objective should be seven. Then eight. Then nine. Then ten. Why quit keeping it going now?

And yes, an ACC team with six wins and a victory over a top-ten team is going to get invited.

As far as how folks affiliated with Boston College football and their fans took the victory over the Virginia Tech Hokies on Saturday, here’s how that went. We once again turn to Storify to bring the goods.

Boston College-Virginia Tech Game Reactions


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Our Reactions to the Virginia Tech Game Reactions

  • There is no room for sadness or despair amongst the Boston College football faithful today. They pulled out the game at Virginia Tech, are virtually guaranteed to go to a bowl game, and are 4-0 on the road this season. Who ever saw the last part coming?
  • More recent Boston College fans, especially those who came on board as students during the Spaziani era, might not know this, but this is a level at which the Eagles used to be every year. It is great that we can celebrate reaching this plateau and it’s an opportunity for the players to win some more on a bigger stage, but in the past, Boston College could usually assume getting to a bowl. That is the sort of program we used to have, and the one we can have again. Why not?