Soaring to Glory Show, October 29, 2014: Punching Our Tickets?


Soaring to Glory Show, October 29, 2014 (8pm Eastern): We are all this close to planning our trips to a December bowl game. Is it going to happen this week?

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By “it” we mean “clinch bowl eligibility, thereby all but assuring us that the Boston College Eagles football team will be playing in a postseason game for the second consecutive year.”

We all want the Eagles to wrap up 9-3, but while that seems a slightly less likely goal, first thing’s first: beat Virginia Tech and get the sixth win. Worry about the seventh, eighth, and ninth later.

Soaring to Glory Show, October 29, 2014: Hokie Hokie Hokie Hi

Once more, the Angry Chickens will renew their rivalry with the Turkeys in Blacksburg in a game that is important to both teams, though perhaps for slightly different reasons. Boston College wants to get to six wins ahead of schedule, while a sagging Virginia Tech squad wants to see if they can get there at all.

Kyle and I discuss the upcoming Virginia Tech game and some keys, while perhaps hinting at our expected outcomes.

Soaring to Glory Show, October 29, 2014: Dickensian in Winston-Salem

Our discussion of the Wake Forest game is only Dickensian in that it was a tale of two


halves, and it was both the best of times and worst of times. Kyle and I offer a few thoughts on what we saw this weekend, and if we think there will be any carry-over.

Include a little bit of Boston College hockey and you’ve got yourselves a fine show.

Soaring to Glory Show, October 29, 2014: Join the Fun

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