Boston College-Wake Forest Game Reactions: Team, Media, and Fans


Had the game ended at halftime, the Wake Forest game reactions by Boston College fans would have been overwhelmingly favorable. They weren’t, because it didn’t.

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The Eagles won, but wore away some of that loving feeling by the end following a furious comeback by Wake Forest.

Nevertheless, a busy day in Boston College sports saw an Eagles victory to get the team to 5-3, just one win away from making another bowl. (Note: six wins is just for eligibility, not a guaranteed invitation, but as an ACC team with a top-ten win, they would without question get to a bowl with six.)

To gauge the fan reaction, we turned to Storify, and this is what we got.

Boston College-Wake Forest Game Reactions


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Our Reactions to the Wake Forest Game Reactions

  • From half to half, one does not know what Eagles team they will see. Thank the big guy upstairs for Justin Simmons’ hands, because if he does not pick that ball, Boston College may have confronted one of their worst chokes in the last decade.
  • The sentiment of the fans after the win was more tempered because they know how ineffective Wake had been all season on offense, and especially in the first half. Before halftime was extraordinary, but Wake Forest woke up and made it a game, and it was almost as if the Eagles did not know what to do. Boston College got outplayed by the Deacs after halftime and it never should have happened.
  • In spite of how poorly the Eagles finished, they got away with a bad second half and claimed their fifth win. When it comes to going bowling, they are right on schedule, but there is more than one winnable game remaining now with Virginia Tech going in the tank.