October 25, 2007: Boston College Made Lane Stadium Go Silent


Do you Boston College Eagles fans remember what you were doing seven years ago today? You were watching Lane Stadium go silent in possibly the biggest Boston College victory in modern history.

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On a rainy Thursday night at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Virginia, Matt Ryan and the #2 Boston College Eagles met Sean Glennon and the #8 Virginia Tech Hokies.

While the defenses held in the first quarter of this huge football game, Virginia Tech got on the board in the second when Glennon found Eddie Royal for a touchdown. The 7-0 Eagles and their hot offense were shut out in the first half, trailing 7-0 at halftime.

In fact, they would be shut out in the third quarter as well, while the Hokies added a 44-yard field goal from Jud Dunlevy to stretch the lead to 10-0. That shutout streak would carry well into the fourth quarter, and the game itself looked bleak as with six minutes to go in regulation, Matt Ryan threw an interception on the first play of the Boston College drive.

The comeback at Lane Stadium truly began when, as the Hokies took over following the pick on the BC 31, Boston College’s defense held Virginia Tech to a three-and-out, with no field goal attempt forthcoming in the rain.

On the ensuing drive, which started at the BC 8 with 4:16 to go, Matt Ryan hit Brandon Robinson for two big gains in succession, moving the Eagles quickly into Hokie territory. Ryan Purvis got in on it as well, but ultimately, Ryan found Rich Gunnell in the end zone to cut into the lead at 10-7. The problem is that the Eagles trailed by three with 2:11 left and with only two timeouts. Virginia Tech could run out the clock, so the Eagles knew they had to onside kick it.

They did, and Steve Aponavicius‘s boot was recovered by the Eagles.

Boston College moved the ball down to the Virginia Tech 14 yard line following some big plays to Robinson, Gunnell, and Kevin Challenger. Yet, after a hold on the Eagles and an incompletion, Boston College had 3rd & 20 on the Hokie 24.

And then, as Ryan scrambled in the backfield, magic.

"Plenty of time; cannot take a sack here. Ryan — will fire — to the end zone — wide open for a touchdown is Callender! And Lane Stadium goes silent with 11 seconds to play!Chris Fowler’s immortal call on ESPN"

Boston College’s improbable comeback will always hold a special place in the hearts of Eagles fans, despite the fact that they lost the next week to Florida State.

This was my senior year on the Heights, and it was an unforgettable moment. Campus exploded with excitement, the Mods partied until 4am on a school night, and a few hundred people were waiting for the team buses outside Alumni Stadium after 3:30 when the team returned to campus.

All Boston College students should be so lucky as to have an experience like that.