Boston College vs. Wake Forest Pick, Scenarios, and Bottom Line


Making the Boston College vs. Wake Forest pick might be the easiest article we do all week, if the Eagles do what they are supposed to do.

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Eagles fans are well-acquainted with the “WTF loss,” a hallmark of the Tom O’Brien era, as opposed to the Frank Spaziani era, in which they pretty much all fell under said category.

One might argue that Colorado State dealt Boston College that particular type of defeat, but while the Rams are good, a loss in Winston-Salem tomorrow would definitely qualify.

Who takes this exciting battle? (denote sarcasm)

Boston College vs. Wake Forest Pick: The “Experts” Say…

Boston College ran the table on ESPN, with their ACC panel unanimously giving the Eagles a 31-10 win to get their fifth win of the season.

Boston College vs. Wake Forest Pick: BC Best-Case Scenario

The Eagles have a very impressive first drive, similar to their first drive against NC State, except this time, the other team is not going to answer, because they can’t. Boston College gets stopped here and there, as no offense converts on one-hundred percent of drives like some 102-0 high school mismatch that ends up in the newspapers for “poor sportsmanship,” but with their line play in complete control, it’s a laugher.

In this scenario, the Eagles, looking much like they did against Clemson, shut out Wake Forest in a 31-0 blowout.

Boston College vs. Wake Forest Pick: BC Worst-Case Scenario

By definition, this is not much of a trap game as Virginia Tech is not that good this year, but the Eagles will play it like one. In the true spirit of playing down to your level of competition, the Eagles give Wake exactly what they need: a low-scoring ballgame. This time, it will be more frustrating than Clemson. A horrible turnover late gives Wake the ball in field goal range, and they win by a score of 17-14 in what may be Boston College’s most painful loss of the year.

Boston College vs. Wake Forest Pick: The Bottom Line

If Boston College has any success at all moving the football, that will probably be more than Wake Forest does.

Seriously, the Deacs’ offense is really, really bad. Boston College could pitch a shutout if they look like the same team that faced Clemson, but I don’t necessarily expect that. Maybe they will play down to their opponent a bit, but the final score will be somewhat similar to the NC State game, perhaps less a few points for each.

If Wake cracks 20 points, that’s a fail for the defense. They need to drop the hammer, and they will.

Boston College vs. Wake Forest Pick: Details

• Boston College 27, Wake Forest 10
• Boston College -14