Projecting the Boston College Point Spreads for the Rest of 2014


Nailing down the Boston College point spreads in this 2014 season has been difficult, given that from week to week, we never know quite what to expect from the Eagles.

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They’re up, they’re down, they’re beating USC, and they’re losing to Colorado State. What we believe we have here is a competitive football team, but as is sometimes the case in sports, good is not always good enough.

Boston College’s final results for the year are still up in the air, but the worst-case scenarios spelled out by the media are probably not going to happen, and the team is doing better than they would have expected.

Take, for example, the Golden Nugget. In June, they issued their preseason Boston College point spreads across several different months, including five total Eagles football games. Boston College was an underdog in all of them, and in most cases, by a substantial margin.

It’s time to update the ledger. First, a look at games that have already been played and the spreads assigned to them. In both of the below charts, the available Golden Nugget projected lines are included; where none was available, we inserted one.

Boston College Point Spreads: Games Already Played

[table id=10 /]

Back in June, the bookies missed badly on how the Eagles would stack up against Clemson, and we all got USC wrong.

Now, for our new updates. Aside from the Wake Forest spread, which we already know for certain, the other new forecast lines are ours.

Boston College Point Spreads: Games To Come

[table id=11 /]

One theme here is that almost across the board, the Eagles have done better in the actual lines than those that were predicted in the offseason. That, if anything, is a testament to how much more viable a team the Eagles turned out to be — or how much outsiders underrated them.

Our new predicted lines are much more in line with the current reality. Virginia Tech and Louisville, for example, are both going to be favored for different reasons, but not by anywhere near the preseason expectation.

More importantly, while we suspected the Eagles might be favored against Wake and Syracuse way back when, they will most likely be comfortable favorites in both as it stands now. Of course, Boston College needs to win both to ensure six wins.

Whether or not they actually win is another matter.