Boston College Football to See Notre Dame 5 Times Through 2025


We have seen into the future for Boston College Eagles football, and it shows us that the Eagles will face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish five times between now and 2025.

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The Atlantic Coast Conference announced the schedule that the Irish will play in their five-eighths compromise with the conference from now through well into the 2020s. By then, hopefully, we will have the flying cars we were promised by next year.

This is potentially subject to change in the unlikely event Notre Dame caves in and joins the ACC as a full member.

Those games are:

November 21, 2015
Boston College at Notre Dame (at Fenway Park)

Despite being in Boston, this is a designated Irish home game, and the sad reality is that there will be many ND fans present, including local bandwagoners still clinging to past glory.

September 16, 2017
Notre Dame at Boston College

The next time Alumni Stadium will have a leprechaun in its midst.

November 23, 2019
Boston College at Notre Dame

The Boston College students who will make this RV trip have not even received their acceptance letters yet. Think about that.

TBD 2022
Boston College at Notre Dame

And some of the Boston College students who will make this RV trip are currently in middle school. Circle your calendars, kids.

TBD 2025
Notre Dame at Boston College

For personal perspective, I will be pushing 40 when this game happens. How depressing. Let’s never speak of this again.

As I have said here before, when ND partially joined the ACC, the loss of the regular Eagles-Irish football games did not sadden me much personally. While I like to beat them and generally welcome their defeat to other schools, they are still just another opponent.

Unless the games have in-built intrigue (e.g. 1993, where Notre Dame is number one and Boston College, also ranked, have a chance at an upset with huge ramifications), I find little special about them, but for many alumni, these games are a big deal. They do generate buzz and atmosphere, which is never a bad thing.

Now, they know when they are for the next decade or so.