Boston College-Clemson Game Reactions: Team, Media, and Fans


From one week to the next, the fans are high and the fans are low. Last week, they were high, but based upon the Clemson game reactions, they’re low now.

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Sure, some are going the A-for-effort route, but when your team hangs around, hangs around, and hangs around some more before ultimately not doing anything with it, there is blame to be disbursed.

To tell the story of how Boston College folks reacted to the loss, we turned as always to Storify and you, the good people of Twitter.

Boston College-Clemson Game Reactions

[View the story “Boston College-Clemson Postgame Reactions” on Storify]

Our Reactions to the Clemson Game Reactions

  • I am not the type to give big pats on the back after a loss, unless it’s one of those situations where the Eagles are huge underdogs and gave it a legitimately good try. There are elements of the Boston College football team that deserve credit, but I can’t sit here and tell you that I thought the Eagles played a good game. The defense kept them in it, which is exactly what we needed from them, but the offense could not get out of its own way and refused to prosper.
  • Tyler Murphy deserved a better outcome than what he got with two sure touchdowns getting dropped. He played hard.
  • The Eagles offensive line got shown up by the Clemson defense. It is not unexpected, but a true barometer of where they are. They can push NC State around, but not these guys.
  • Boston College did not need to win this game to make a bowl, and probably still will assuming that they take care of business against Wake Forest and Syracuse.